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The Lashley Chronicles - Letter 20

This letter is one of many letters written detailing the development of the pedal guitar, and the birth of the Emmons Guitar. It also includes standardization of the tuning and copedent, as well as historical commentary. 

The letters were written from Ron Lashely Sr. to Mr. Paul J. Graupp, the editor for "Pushin Pedals", the pedal guitar section of Fretts magazine, which was published by Fender Sales.


Scroll down for the complete transcription of this letter. The spelling and grammar shown below is exaclty how it was written by Ron Lashley Sr.





April 30, 64

Hello Paul:

I received my Fretts magazine yesterday 1964 vol 1.  The article wasn’t in it.   What happened [sic].  Should I have gotten vol 2?  Please tell me what has happened [sic].

I’ve been working day and night during the last 5 days.  I was very behind but I’ll never give another definite delivery date as long as I live, only approximate ones.

Keep me posted on the amp.  Try to get the cost down and still retain the quality.  Work a miracle!

Day is gone with Ferlin Husky now leaving Buddie all the chores on the steel.

You can send Buddie his copy of Fretts when it is available to 713 Blackstone, Madison, Tenn.  Also write GiGi Emmons, his wife, and ask her for the specific information needed for the country song roundup magazine [sic].  I’ve already mentioned it to her.  Buddie leaves town tomorrow for a tour. 

I don’t have Days address but I’ll get it.

I’ll ask Buddie for a decal for the amp.  I believe that he won’t object although he is particular with them.

We have been selling Buddies jazz album.  We have a new stock of them so if you see anybody who would like one they can order them for $4.35.

I’m sorry, our strings aren’t quite ready.  I’m sending you a satisfactory set of squier strings for the present and will send you a C6 set of Emmons strings at no cost when they are available.  I would suggest a tenor A gibson guitar string for F# to G this is .010.

I’d better close for now so write soon.

Your friend,


P.S.  Working on the Emmons Stereo 14 hrs a day doesn’t give much time for writing.

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