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The Lashley Chronicles - Letter 17

This letter is one of many letters written detailing the development of the pedal guitar, and the birth of the Emmons Guitar. It also includes standardization of the tuning and copedent, as well as historical commentary. 

The letters were written from Ron Lashely Sr. to Mr. Paul J. Graupp, the editor for "Pushin Pedals", the pedal guitar section of Fretts magazine, which was published by Fender Sales.


Scroll down for the complete transcription of this letter. The spelling and grammar shown below is exaclty how it was written by Ron Lashley Sr.





March 12, 1964

Hello Paul, 

Received your letter about 25 min ago and will try to get this out today.

I mailed Buddie his copy of the Fretts article yesterday.  I also had a lengthy conversation via phone with him yesterday but didn’t have time to read the article to him.  I can know his reactions with 90% accuracy.  First he is very pleased to have the article on him.  As for the side men he feels very similar to me, especially, the talent possessed by Bobby Scott is superb although he does make fun of Floyd Cramer in a couple places.  As for being way off base on the side men, I would suggest that you use your own judgment.  You understand that if the article were left as is, there is nothing in it but pro in our favor which I’m sure is your honest opinion as well as mine.  I’m only wondering what people who really know Scott’s talent would think.

Possibly it should be made clear that the plethora of corny, quasi-funky devices (whatever it means) used by Scott was only a form of Satire thrown at some mere famous but non-jazz piano players. (Cramer type).

I don’t think any one musician degraded the score to 2 ½ stars.  After all, look at the criteria.  It has to be great to be there to begin with.

As for any changes on the review, do whichever you choose.  We are satisfied with the comments about Buddie.

Escaped magazine had a little review on Buddies album but I think it was only quotes from the liner notes.

Thanks a million for doing the articles for Echos & COuntry Song Roundup.  I’m enclosing the letter from Millie (but would like it back).  Did you receive the Music City News article & liner notes from the album?  I hope this will be of assistance.  The pictures didn’t turn out. 

Our leaflet is not off the press but I’m sending  you a proof of the type.  I would like a copy of the article for Echos but don’t wait for our approval before sending it in.  We now have confidence in your writing ability and also she needs it as soon as possible.  I am writing her today and telling her that she can expect the article from you.

Thanks for the tuning used by Speedy.

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