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Amazing Emmons Guitars Are Being Delivered!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

** Here is what customers are saying **

Yes, ReSound'65 guitars are being built and delivered all over the country and Canada! The response has been excellent and we wanted to share what these proud owners are saying about the build quality, sound, tone, and customer service so far.


MARK ROBINSON North Carolina

Emmons Guitar Company delivered it's first guitar to our great friend, Mark Robinson, at the Texas Steel Guitar Jamboree in Dallas, TX back in March. The event was so special, as Mark was very gracious and allowed us to display his brand new ReSound'65 D10 in our Emmons room, and also let us have (the very talented) Tyler Hall play it in a few sessions at the show. If you are following on YouTube and Facebook, this presentation was posted for everyone to enjoy! If you missed it, click below to watch the amazing presentation! Here is what Mark Robinson is saying: "I visited Kelcey and Darin several times during the build and became more than impressed with the perfection they demanded from themselves along with the quality of the guitar. I was fortunate to be able to have them present the guitar, (serial #PT01) to me at the Texas Steel Guitar Jamboree in Dallas, Texas this past March. So many professional players came through the Emmons room in Dallas and played the Emmons guitars and left the room very impressed. The show culminated with Tyler Hall playing my guitar with the exceptional band at the show. This guitar has been everything I could have imagined in an Emmons wraparound, both in workmanship, quality, and tone!"

If you are following us on YouTube and Facebook, this presentation was posted for everyone to enjoy! If you missed it, click below to watch the amazing presentation!



What can we say about Kurt? How 'bout talented!!! When Kurt purchased His guitar from us, he blew us away with his kindness and creative artistry! His influences span multiple genres, and his amazing passion is felt in his Christian music as well as secular work. He performs extensively in recording studios, appearing with Bon Jovi and Sugarland on country music's CMT's Crossroads Show, as well as the 2005 CMA Awards from Madison Square Garden. Kurt also appeared with Bon Jovi on The Today Show, The Ellen Show, The View, MTV/VH1/CMT unplugged, A&E, Clear Channel and Saturday Night Live, and toured world wide with Bon Jovi through 2007. Kurt and his wife Suzanne, co-wrote a song "ReSound'65" and sent to us for marketing purposes. We LOVED it! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Here is what Kurt Johnston is saying: "I just got home from the trip to pick up my ReSound'65. Totally God smacked! Such service and focus with a standard of excellence could only accompany the names, Emmons, Shiflett, and O'Neil. This was an incredibly thorough and personal amazing experience! So thrilled to acquire this instrument!"



There are so many great steel players out there, but Wesley is truly an amazing talent. He is certainly no stranger to pedal steel guitar, and knew that he had to have a "wraparound" when he learned of our new ReSound'65. There are not many original 1965 guitars out there for sale, so acquiring our re-issue was a perfect solution! Look for this beauty on stage as Wesley is performing lots of gigs this year....Clint Black, the Brian Black Band, Stephen Pride, Marty Haggard, as well as several others. If you are visiting Conroe, TX stop by the Pacific Yard House - You just might hear this Emmons singing!

Here is what Wesley Fowler is saying: "It. Has. ARRIVED!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!! I'm giddy like a kid on Christmas!! This guitar sounds and plays like none before. I know why Mr. Emmons said this is 'the guitar'!"


FORREST "SKEETER" KLOTT Michigan We sure appreciate people like Skeeter! What a great guy and steel player! His knowledge of the steel guitar, the community and history is truly amazing. We had a blast building his guitar, and he was such a pleasure to work with through the entire build. He is a true Emmons enthusiast with a rich heritage, and we are so proud to have him in the PT Series family!

Here is what "Skeeter" is saying: "WOW - Speechless. I'm seriously speechless. This is a dream come true - one I thought would never happen :) This guitar shipped and arrived here in perfect shape, with both necks perfectly in tune! This thing is simply gorgeous! The customer service was above and beyond! I also love this split travel case - Just amazing all around!"


ED "PEE WEE CHARLES" RINGWALD Ontario, Canada We are thrilled to partner with our good friend, Ed Ringwald up in Canada! This guy is a terrific player, but more than that, Ed is a wonderful person! He came along very early in the development of the ReSound'65, and has been a great friend to us. Ed is a pro player with a long list of amazing credentials, including playing for Gordon Lightfoot. He's toured extensively, and has recorded on records that topped more than 30 million sold! Ed is a 5 time CCMA Steel Player of the year, and was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Honour 2016. He is also an accomplished session player for many of Canada's top Artists, and is a member of the Western Swing Authority.

Here is what Ed Ringwald is saying: "A very Special package arrived - My new Emmons Resound'65 - Serial# CA-01…pretty cool to have the very 1st one in Canada!!!! It sounds absolutely amazing! The acoustic, mechanical & proportional properties of the instrument have been meticulously crafted to the same specifications of the “Emmons original” 1965 wraparound guitar. The instrument delivers the same tone, sustain and playing experience of its predecessor, the dynamic sound that made the instrument renowned and on so many hit records! Thanks Darin Shiflett & Kelcey O'Neil, for the vision you had, bringing back the Emmons brand! You are both incredible people & the service is above & beyond. Buddy Emmons would be so proud! Nothing like the sound of an Emmons! Darin Shiflett Kelcey O'Neil are the Best!!!! Can't wait to get it in the studio & play it on the CMAO Awards & Legends Show in a few weeks!!"


We are excited about building YOUR guitar! Call us today (865) 381-5223

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  3. Pay-In-Full


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