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SD10 - Walnut 3x3

SD10 - Walnut 3x3


The ReSound'65™ is our Gen2 production of the original 1965 Wraparound model. Due to popular demand, we've expanded the ReSound'65™ line to include a SD10 configuration. Although SD10s were not an option in '65, we are offering it with a premium quality, two-tone, embroidered leather armrest. This instrument has black flocking on the undercarriage and has gloss walnut laminate with polished trim. This SD10 push-pull guitar features a 3 pedal x 3 knee lever setup, as well as split-tuning hardware at the endplate.

The ReSound'65™ has been built to produce the same tone and playing experience of the original 1965 model. Great measures have been taken to maintain the original intent of Buddy's design, and It is our pledge to restore renewed access to a legendary instrument that was both engineered and designed by the one and only, Buddy Emmons.
Each and every element/component related to sound, tone, as well as all acoustic properties have been carefully tested, and are built to the exact specifications of the original instrument. There are but a few differences in the ReSound'65™ and none that infringe on any of the sound, tone, dimensions, or character of the the original.

Tuning machines are of the highest quality and offer smooth, consistent tuning performance. Comes equipped with a 15K single-coil pickup per the Emmons Original 1965 material and specifications.

A carpeted hard shell case and custom embroidered leg bag are included. (Case upgrade availble)

The ReSound'65™ will carry an initial satisfaction guarantee, as well as a warranty of 5 years against defective craftsmanship including labor, parts, and shipping.

  • Delivery

    Our standard delivery schedule is 16-24 weeks, however, supply chain issues may cause longer lead times.

37 Pounds
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