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The Lashley Chronicles - Letter 18

This letter is one of many letters written detailing the development of the pedal guitar, and the birth of the Emmons Guitar. It also includes standardization of the tuning and copedent, as well as historical commentary. 

The letters were written from Ron Lashely Sr. to Mr. Paul J. Graupp, the editor for "Pushin Pedals", the pedal guitar section of Fretts magazine, which was published by Fender Sales.


Scroll down for the complete transcription of this letter. The spelling and grammar shown below is exaclty how it was written by Ron Lashley Sr.





April 3, 1964

Hello Paul,

The article for Echoes sounds just great.   Many thanks.  

I received a letter from Mille today and she has already received it.  Buddie isn’t due in until the 13th but I know he will be pleased with it.  I have sent his copy to GiGi and also the simple questions which you desire for the Country Song Roundup article.  I’ll forward the information to you as soon as I receive it.  

I can answer a couple of the questions.  Buddie uses a custom Standel Amp and Jimmy Day is playing on the Twenty forth hour.

About your pickups, I don’t know if I wound them or not but I can offer a suggestion.  The ground lead of your pickups should be connected directly to your aluminum pick up holder and end plates. This should eliminate any excess hum.

Maybe Leonard has them wired wrong.  They should be as follows:

Terminal A to ground for single coil and terminal B to ground for dual coil and maximum output. 

Judging from your question, it  sounds like he has used terminal A for ground which is wrong.

The ideas on the Amp sound good.  I’m still running them through my head.  

I’ll close now.  I’m sleepy.  Thanks again for the writing we both [sic] are very grateful.

Your friend,


P.S.  I have a dual 10 Sho~Bud with 7 pedals for $500.00 if you know anyone who wants one tell them to write me.

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