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1957 Bigsby T8


1967 Emmons D10 Bolt On - 8x4


Fessenden D10 8 & 8


Mullen Royal Precision 9 & 4


1965 Emmons S10 Wraparound 3x4


Carter D10 8 & 5


Fulawka D10 8x5



There are new items being added to our inventory weekly, so be sure to check in often to shop our selection. 

At Emmons Guitar Co., we take extra measures to offer a easy, positive buying experience, and provide you with peace of mind regarding the pre-owned items available. 


All pre-owned instruments have been checked for basic function and repair, and are sold as-is with their current setup.

All listed instruments are eligible to be upgraded to Emmons Certified: this means that we thoroughly inspect the instrument and ensure that it is operating at the peak of its potential, and is covered by a 6 month warranty. With pricing of $375 for single necks and $500 for doubles, it's a powerful tool to add value and confidence to your playing experience!

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